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Our Mission

Fitness and sports awareness have grown over the years, but still, many people are struggling to find a suitable training program, or time for serious fitness training. FITIN is a platform for personalized fitness training anywhere, with live lessons, VOD, and training program adjustments updated per user behavior.

Our mission was to advertise this unique platform, expose it to a broad audience, and create the best marketing message for education through a digital platform.

Our Solution







The company is very dynamic, constantly updating its systems, to optimize their fit for trainees, as they get in shape through the training.

We designed a company logo that reflects this dynamic nature. We created a unique symbol simulating sports bikes, which transmits mobility. In addition, we generated a font that conveys professionalism, seriousness, and progress.


We have designed a user-friendly system for watching the FITIN fitness videos, integrated with live, collaborative training on social media. We also created a matching website, conveniently granting customers  access to all the information about the company’s training.


The target audience for the FITIN services consists of people who want to go to the gym but have no time, as well as people who are aware of the importance of a fitness routine, but keep making excuses for themselves. To drive this audience to action, we selected a two-step approach. First, we focused on exposure and brand awareness. Then, after users understood the quality and value of the platform, we changed the campaign into a motivational call for action – calling users to subscribe.

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