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Our Mission

D.B SkinTech Innovation has developed over the years, from a local firm distributing imported aesthetic devices to a high-tech company that is developing and exporting cutting-edge systems for skin diagnosis and professional aesthetic treatments. Our mission was to change the company’s image so that it reflects this development.

Our goal was to get to know the company’s target audience in Israel and worldwide and then to change the familiar image of the firm globally,  creating fresh branding and advertising to build customer engagement and trust.

Our Solution






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Once we got to know the company’s target audience in Israel and abroad, we realized there were significant differences between the two audiences. Therefore, we created two different company slogans – One aimed at global distributors and another at the beauticians in Israel. We have created innovative technological branding, while keeping the existing, familiar name, to build on its good reputation.


We have created a website rich in information, with specialized user experience corresponding to the company’s innovative technology. Furthermore, the unique design of the website introduces the company, attracts potential distribution partners, and promotes distribution of the company’s products worldwide.


The company’s audiences in Israel and abroad are different. Also, the messages that drive them to action need to be different. We have developed several social media pages for the company and generated public interest in its technology and global business collaborations.

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